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Ex-Visa Officers helping you pass your U.S. visa interview

A one-on-one meeting with an Ex-U.S. Visa Officer to help you pass your visa interview on the first try or overturn a prior refusal.

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We are the ex-Visa Officers who will help you get your visa.
If you have previously been denied a visa (or even had your visa revoked) and are looking for experts to advise you on your situation, look no further!
We have helped clients overturn visa refusals, reverse visa revocations, and receive waivers.
A consultation with a former Visa Officer gives you your best chance at understanding and overcoming your visa complications.


We have worked in 34 different countries and speak 14 different languages. If you want to speak to a consultant in your native tongue, there’s a good chance that one of our ex-Visa Officers speaks your language.

Estonian,  Bahasa Indonesia, Hindi, Chinese and Cantonese, Polish, French, Gujarati, English, German, Portuguese Somali, Spanish and Russian
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"Depending on your travel intent, this may be the most important two minutes of your life"

"With Argo’s help, [our] student who was previously refused a visa has now been approved for his F-1 visa and is on his way to our school."

“Guys, is no joke with Argo. They are really here to help us. I can testify just book a consultation and thank me later”

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The Argo Officers (former Visa Officers) have collectively made decisions on over 1,000,000 visa applications.

Want to do your consultation in your native language? We speak 14 languages.

We have global experience. We have worked in 34 countries.

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Argo loves providing services to individuals around the world. We are honored to be recommended by some of these excellent companies, law firms, and universities.

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The Ex-Visa Officer’s Guide
to a Successful Visa Interview
With our expert guide written by former Visa Officers, you will be prepared before your next visa interview at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate! Download our PDF for our top tips on preparing for this high stakes interview.
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