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Why Argo Helps Visa Applicants

We're the only team out there of former visa officers who have worked all around the world.
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Ben Arterburn
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I used to be on the inside. I used to be at the Consulate in the embassy doing the visa interviews and making the decisions on visa applications, saying to the visa applicants congratulations your visa has been approved or sometimes, yes, unfortunately I had to say I'm sorry I can't approve your visa.  

Now why am I on the outside now helping visa applicants pass their visa interviews?  

While I was on the inside I saw that there were visa applicants that would refuse their visas unnecessarily. Sometimes it was because the applicant made a mistake. Sometimes the applicant didn't know what to say in their visa interview. They got bad advice. They gave short answers. They didn't know how to show their qualifications to the visa officer and so they got refused.

Other times I saw that the visa officers lack of knowledge lack of cultural context lack of linguistic skills would lead them to refuse a visa. They can only issue a visa if they feel super confident that they're making the right decision. So if they don't have the right information or they can't understand the information that you are giving them the only result that they can give you is to refuse the visa.

I left the state department to come on the outside to start working with visa applicants to try to help you pass your visa interview because I don't want to see any more visa applicants get refused their visa unnecessarily.

There are so many people around the world- thousands, tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of people who are applying for visas and they get refused. But they know in their heart that they do intend to go to the U.S. to do exactly what they say they're going to do and then return to their home country. There's judgment involved. The visa officers must use their judgment within a very short amount of time two minutes three minutes four minutes one minute in some instances they must decide if this person is credible and actually going to do what they say they're going to do.

It's a very tough task to convince someone from another culture in a language that might not be your own that you do have these credentials. Luckily I'm not the only officer that also felt the same way. At Argo we've got over 20 officers that have many years of experience doing this at different posts around the world. We all found that there were applicants who were slipping through the cracks and getting refused their visas when they shouldn't.

We decided that the way that we could help that situation is to come on the outside and start to offer our knowledge, our experience and our services to you to help you pass your visa interview. We're the only team out there of former visa officers who have worked all around the world. We speak over a dozen languages, and we can help you understand all of the regulations that the visa officers themselves are applying when you apply for a visa. We can help you understand the mindset of a visa officer and what they are considering.  

We don't want to see any more visa applicants get refused unnecessarily. We can help you, book a consultation with us today.

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