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 F-1 visa interview
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Getting your I-20 is just step one. Now, it's time to ace the visa interview so you can study in the United States

28-35% of F-1 visas are refused

The F-1 visa is for students. It applies for associates, bachelors, and masters degrees, PHDs and ESL programs. The first step of this process is getting admission to a U.S. school.

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- Omar Shah, United Arab Emirates

Common Issues F-1
Visa Applicants have:

Our team has interviewed thousands of F-1 visa applicants during our time as Visa Officers, so we know what kind of issues you may run into at your interview.

Your academics

This visa is based on your studies, so your academics and school choice are important.

Previous refusals

Visa Officers can see all of your visa history.

Your “story” doesn’t make sense

The Visa Officer needs to feel confident that you will use the visa properly.

Not showing enough ties to home country

This is a non-immigrant visa, so it's critical that you show your ties to your home country.

Your sponsor

You need to be able to explain who is funding your schooling and what your relationship is to that person.

Know all the details of your DS-160 and travel plans

Make sure all the details are accurate and that you can tell them to the Officer at your interview.

Don’t use one word answers

Visa Officers hate one-word answers. You need to give answers that are thorough, yet concise.

Be confident when talking about your situation

Confidence is key! Being overly nervous will make it very difficult to showcase the strengths of your case.

Be proactive

It's your responsibility to give the Visa Officer the information they need to approve your visa.

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