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 L-1 visa interview
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This dual-intent visa can be a game-changer for your career, so it's important to get the visa interview right

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The L-1 visa is a temporary visa for intra-company transferees who have specialized knowledge.

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"I am so very happy to inform you that I received approval on the waiver! I can very confidently tell you that what made the difference in my case was the time and preparation with Argo Visa. The Officer prepped me with all of the possible questions and appropriate answers. She really employed critical thinking when it came to my case and went above and beyond to make sure I was ready. The experience was customized exactly to my case and certainly not off-the-shelf! Thank you so much. You guys really do make the world a better place!”

- Valeria Perez, Mexico

Common Issues L-1
Visa Applicants have:

Our team has interviewed thousands of L-1 visa applicants during our time as Visa Officers, so we know what kind of issues you may run into at your interview.

Explaining your experience

You need to be able to show why you deserve this type of visa.

Previous refusals

Visa Officers can see all of your visa history.

Your “story” doesn’t make sense

The Visa Officer needs to feel confident that you will use the visa properly.

Evidence and documentation

Make sure you have all proper documentation and that it is accurate.

Work history

Your work history will play a role in this visa interview, since it's based upon your skills and employment.

Your employer

Your employer will need to prove the positive impact on the U.S. and the company.

Don’t use single word answers

Visa Officers hate one-word answers. You need to give answers that are thorough, yet concise.

Be confident when talking about your situation

Confidence is key! Being overly nervous will make it very difficult to showcase the strengths of your case.

Be proactive

It's your responsibility to give the Visa Officer the information they need to approve your visa.

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