Are you ready for your visa interview? 

Argo's proprietary Visa Check-up will calculate a score for you based on the facts of your visa case. Try it out to get your score!

Start with your score!

Once you have your Visa Check-up score, you need to then prepare how you will present this to the Visa Officer. The facts are just the beginning, then you need to be able to communicate them during your interview.

Serious Challenges

You are going to need serious preparation in order to succeed at your U.S. visa interview. Don't give up hope; Argo is your best chance at helping you pass!

Needs Improvement

You need to focus on identifying what your strengths and weaknesses are, so you can avoid a refusal.

Focus on presentation

We have seen people with scores in this range get refused because they were unable to communicate their highlights to the Visa Officer.

Meet the Former Visa Officers

Our team of Officers are passionate about helping applicants around the world have the resources, information, and preparation they need to pass their visa interview.

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