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Are Argo consultants visa coaches?

All Argo Officers are former Visa Officers with the U.S. Department of State. All of our Officers have worked around the world making decisions and visas and most of them speak more than one language fluently.

Traditional visa coaches may have a range of experiences and expertise in visas. But, with Argo you can guarantee that you are getting highly qualified...

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Argo is here to answer your visa questions

How important are the documents
you prepare for the U.S. Visa interview?

Visa applicants put a lot of effort into assembling the documents they will need for their visa interview, and with good reason.  Depending on the visa class you are applying for, you will need all sorts of documents, like academic transcripts, a study plan, itinerary, a C.V., etc...

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Overwhelmed by visa paperwork

Why is it important to prepare for my visa interview (even if I think I will get approved)?

There are many reasons to prepare for your visa interview, even if you think you will certainly get approved.

1) Your visa record is for LIFE!

Notes and results from your Visa Interview will be attached to your name and identity for the rest of your life, even if you apply in a new country or for a new visa type...

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Preparing for the U.S. visa interview

What U.S. visa types have the most denials?

While there are many different types of US visas, often times there is just one type of visa that will be suitable for your intended purpose of traveling to the United States. For example, if you are going to be studying in the US you must get an F-1 Visa. If you are going to vocational school you will get an M1 visa...

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Vis Denials

The 3 things you should do if your
F-1 or J-1 student visa has been denied

You’re all set to go study in the United States, but something unexpected happened—your F-1 student visa was denied by the Visa Officer.  School is about to start—what should you do?

Here are Argo’s top 3 tips for international students whose student visas have been denied this year...

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Visa denial help

What is administrative processing (221g)?

Visa applicants are often flustered when they don’t receive an immediate decision on their case at the time of the visa interview.  However, it is not the worst case scenario-- it is much better than being refused a visa, for example.

Administrative processing, or being put in “pending” status under section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, basically means that at the time of the interview, the Visa Officer is unable to make an immediate decision to approve or deny the case.

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Help for administrative processing 221g

How can I pass my visa interview?

The best way to make sure you have done everything you can to pass your visa interview are listed below:

a. Make sure your answers to the Visa Officer are clear, concise, and relevant.  Generally when clients fall into two camps.  The first group of applicants only like to give one word answers.  The second group will say way too much to the Visa Officer.  In reality, neither of these situations are ideal...

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Visa interview success