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30 minutes session

Personalized consultation with an Ex-Visa Officer

Mock interview + feedback

Visa interview strategy

Ability to bring in 3rd party participant

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60 minutes session

Everything that’s included in the 30 minute consultation

More in-depth analysis, strategy, and practice

Strongly recommended for those with prior
refusals, revocations, or bans

Strongly recommended if you have overstayed
previous U.S. visas or if you need a waiver

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At Argo Visa, we make full use of your consultation time with us to come up with a practical and effective strategy to lead you to success in your U.S. visa process. (Remember, we are ex-Visa Officers so we have probably seen your situation before!) Each consultation is customized for your specific situation and takes into account your current life circumstances, including your past visa denials (if any), your family situation, your travel history, your career, and more!  If helpful for your situation, we will practice one or more mock interviews with you and give you feedback on your responses. You will have the insider’s guidance on how to be more effective at your visa interview.

Which session should you book?
If you are applying for a U.S. visa for the first time and don’t have additional case complications, we would recommend that you sign up for a 30-minute session. This is a great choice if you tend to be nervous during interviews and you want to ensure that you are doing everything you can to maximize your chances for getting your visa approved.

If you have a prior refusal or a complicated case, we would highly recommend that you sign up for a 60-minute consultation so you have more time to work with us on your case strategy, practice mock interviews, and get valuable feedback for how to succeed at your next visa interview.
When is a 60-minute consultation recommended?
We recommend a 60-minute consultation if any of the following situations apply to you:
- Your visa has been denied
- You are applying for an E-2 visa
- You are applying outside of your home country
- Your visa has been revoked
- You previously overstayed your permitted time in the U.S.
- You have a ban or a visa ineligibility
- You need a waiver
- You have any other visa complication*
*If you have a complication that is not on the list above, and have questions about which session to book, please e-mail us about your situation at
Get an assessment of your case before booking a consultation with an Ex-Visa Officer.ArgoBot is our free service which evaluates the strength and weaknesses of your case to give you an Argo Score.
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