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The truth is there is no ultimate secret to passing the visa interview. Each applicant is going to have a unique situation that can benefit from a consultation with an Argo Officer. The U.S. visa process is heavily focused on the communication that happens during that short interview. There is no better way to prepare than with a Former Visa Officer at Argo.

We work with visa applicants one on one to analyze their case and then guide them with personalized visa interview strategies.  

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All Argo consultations are confidential and the information shared during your consultation is confidential.

Meet the Former Visa Officers

Our team of Officers are passionate about helping applicants around the world have the resources, information, and preparation they need to pass their visa interview.

Meet Our Officers
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Our Story

Founded in Greenville, SC in 2019, by Former Consular Officer & Immigration Attorney, Chris Richardson and Immigration & Global Mobility Entreprenuers, Ron & Britt Vergnolle, Argo Visa brought together the first ever team of Former Visa Officers for the purpose of helping applicants around the world pass their U.S. visa interview. During his time as a Visa Officer, Chris Richardson found that so many applicants were qualified but had the wrong information about the visa interview or struggled to communicate to the Visa Officer, resulting in refusals.  

Now, Argo Visa, is proud to be a BDV Solutions company. We have helped thousands of visa applicants from every region in the world prepare and pass their U.S. Visa interview. This tricky process is a black box and very few people know what really goes on in the minds of a Visa Officer. We are honored to help bridge the gap between visa applicants and Visa Officers, in order to help qualified applicants succeed at their interview.  

Many don’t realize how important this interview is and the difference it makes in the lives of individuals around the world. Argo is empowering people from over 150 countries by giving them the practice, insights, and guidance they need for their visa interview.