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Did you know that the average F-1 visa interview for international students is only about 3 minutes long?  In fact, student visas can be denied in as little as 30 seconds! 
We know this because we are all former Visa Officers—U.S. Government officials who stood behind those visa windows at the U.S. embassies and consulates in countries like China, India, Mexico, Brazil.  We have made decisions on over 1million visa applications, many of them for international students.  We have also seen many hopeful students have their dreams of a U.S. education dashed because they were not prepared for this short and crucial interview.  Each time a student is denied a visa, it becomes harder for them to get that visa approved.

How to help your international students

Now there is a way that you can make sure your international students have the best chance for success at their U.S. visa interview. If you represent a U.S. university who welcomes international students, the best thing you can do for those students is to give them an Argo consultation so they can be prepared for their visa interview.

How we work with schools, universities, and DSOs

30 or 60-minute one-on-one videoconference consultations with an ex-Visa Officer to help your international students. Your students will understand exactly what to expect at the visa interview, how to advocate for themselves in just a few minutes, along with mock interviews with an ex-Visa Officer followed by feedback and suggestions.
Consultations for special circumstances like prior refusals, OPT issues, transition to H-1B, complicated cases, third country nationals, and visa revocations.
Special Argo partnership where your school can provide large discounts on Argo consultations for your students and receive a webinar with an ex-Visa Officer where your students can ask questions live during Q&A.

How do your students book an Argo consultation?

If you are not an Argo partner yet, but have a student who could benefit from an Argo consultation, they can sign up hereand answer the simple prompts. They should also complete the Visa Questionnaire in its entirety so the ex-Visa Officer can be prepared for the consultation.
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