Former Consular Officers protecting your law firm’s reputation from issues that are out of your control

We work with U.S. law firms and immigration attorneys to provide non-legal guidance to clients for consular interview success.

For business immigration attorneys, on average, 1 in 4 visa applicants face problems at their E-2 visa interviews, followed by more than 1 in 5 for H-1B visas and 1 in 6 for L-1 visas.  For family immigration attorneys, 2 in 5 K-1 fiancé applicants will encounter issues at their visa interview.

Now immigration attorneys and their clients can meet one-on-one with former Consular Officers over the web to evaluate cases for weaknesses, minimize risk, and provide support and peace of mind for foreign national applicants.

We offer discounted packages to U.S. immigration law firms – please contact us today!

Benefits to Partners

At Argo, we understand that problems at the consular interview are stressful for clients and affect the law firm’s reputation, even when the lawyer has done everything right!

By using Argo, immigration attorneys will be able to leverage the wisdom of experienced former Consular Officers to guarantee their clients the best possible outcome at their consular interview.  Counselors will be able to save time by having experts give practical non-legal guidance to the client and answer all of their questions about the visa interview.Through Argo consultations, clients and beneficiaries will learn how to advocate for themselves at a 5 minute visa interview, effectively answer questions about their employer, their work, and life plans, and gain much needed confidence to put their best foot forward at their visa interview!

Partnering with Argo will give the best end-to-end service for a law firm’s clients, give foreign nationals the support they need, and protect the firm’s reputation from issues that are out of their control.  It’s a win-win situation!
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30 or 60-minute consultations with an ex-Consular Officers to help you and you client/beneficiary understand exactly what to expect at the visa interview, how to prepare, along with one or more mock interview sessions with Officer feedback and suggestions.
Consultations for special circumstances like prior refusals, complicated cases, third country nationals, and visa revocations.
E-2 Petition Review and Interview Preparation Package where and experienced E-2 Visa Officer will review your drafted E-2 petition with feedback and suggestions + provide one-hour consultation to prepare the beneficiary for his E-2 interview (Coming Soon)


B1/B2: Bussiness Visitor/ Toutrist
0-1: Extraordinary Ability
TN: NAFTA professionals
E-2: Treaty Investor
K-1: Fiancé
EB-1 though EB-5: Employment-based Immigration
Diversity... and more!


To sign up for an Argo consultation, either the immigration attorney or the beneficiary can book a consultation here (note: Attorneys, please respond to the questions on behalf of you client).