Who we are and what we stand for

Recently, President Trump stated via tweet that he would “temporarily suspend immigration into the United States.”

The next day, he said he would order a temporary halt in issuing green cards to prevent people from immigrating to the United States, but stopped short at suspending all work visas.

As former U.S. government and immigration officials, Argo Officers are proud to take the stance that we believe in legal migration and immigration to the United States. We believe that immigrants are the foundation of our country. 28% of doctors in the U.S. are immigrants, 22% of nurses in the U.S. are immigrants, and many are putting their lives at risk to assist Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Argo is the world’s first and only company made up of former U.S. consuls and vice consuls to help visa applicants prepare for their visa interview. We are the largest community of former U.S. State Department officials who are experts on the visa interview process. We are firm believers in our mission – to lessen the misunderstanding and miscommunication that surrounds the U.S. visa application process while staying true to its integrity.

Argo Officers understand firsthand the tumultuous nature of the visa application process, especially now. And you can count on us to help.

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