What to know before you go to your F1 visa interview?

What to know before you go to your F1 visa interview?

There are many important things to consider and prepare for before going into your F1 student visa interview. Roughly 30% of applicants are denied a F1 visa globally. Here at Argo, our goal is to help qualified applicants succeed at their U.S. visa interview by providing expert information from Ex-Visa Officers.

  1. Get organized. This sounds obvious, but many visa applicants are not organized when they go into the visa interview. Make sure you know your program start date, have your supplementary documents ready, have your I-20, and work out all of the logistics for actually going to your visa interview.
  2. Many people can look up common F1 visa interview questions, but just memorizing questions and answers is not going to help you present your case to a Visa Officer. You need to be able to talk about your entire case in a way that is succinct, clear, detailed, and also provides all the necessary information a Visa Officer needs to approve your visa.

           Prepare but don’t memorize information the following topics as they pertain to your case:

  • Funding
  • Program of study
  • Educational background
  • School choice
  • Relatives or family members in the United States
  • Personal background and goals
  • I-20
  • DS-160

       3. Determine your hurdles to overcome

  • Every visa applicant has highlights and hurdles in their application. Knowing what your biggest hurdles are and how to navigate them is key to success at the visa interview.
  • For example, if you are not very confident in your spoken English, it is in your best interest to really practice your English prior to your F-1 visa interview because it will be conducted in English.
  • If you want to determine your hurdles, you can take our assessment and get your report here: https://bot.argovisa.com/

        4. Determine your strengths to highlight

  • While on the one hand every visa applicant has hurdles, every applicant also has highlights! This is great news for you. So, in order to succeed in the visa interview process you must know what your highlights are and present those to the visa officer succinctly, confidently and effectively.
  • You can determine your highlights by taking our assessment and getting your report here: https://bot.argovisa.com/
  • To learn how to best present your individual hurdles and highlights, you can book consultation with an Ex-Visa Officer at Argo who will work with you to create a strategy for your visa interview. If you take our assessment and get a low score, we strongly recommend you book a consultation to get more comprehensive visa interview preparation and advice from a former Visa Officer. www.argovisa.com

For more information about what you should expect about all visa interviews, you can check out this video on Youtube, by searching “Argo Visa” on Youtube, where multiple former Visa Officers have a discussion about what you should know before your U.S. visa interview.

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