How to overcome a U.S. visa denial?

Overcoming a visa denial is overwhelming and frustrating.

On top of that, it is challenging! With each denial you receive, it will be harder and harder to get an approval in the future. If you have a prior denial and you want to apply for a U.S. visa again, don’t be deterred, it’s possible. (While she worked as a Visa Officer,Argo Officer, Mandy Feuerbacher, once issued an approval for an applicant who had 7 previous denials). But, when you go into a visa interview with a denial(s) on your record, preparation is extra important.

The Visa Officer will almost certainly, or very very likely, ask you “What has changed since your last application?”. Your answer to this question will make or break your chances of approval. While we don’t know your situation, we can’t provide specific advice to your case, but below are some things you should consider when answering this question. If you would like personalized advice, strategy and consulting for your next visa interview, you can book a consultation with one of our Ex-Visa Officers at Argo. Head to to book your personalized consultation.

Things to consider when answering “What’s changed?”
  1. Don’t answer “Nothing”.
  • There is a reason the Visa Officer refused you. If nothing has changed at all between your prior visa interview and this one, you need to figure out why you got denied so that you can present that information better. So, the answer should never be nothing - you should either address what has changed or address shortcomings in your previous interview.

        2. Understand that a Visa Officer is denying you, not all small factors in your application.

  • Visa Officers are denying you, not all of the details in your application. If you change your school, sponsor, hotel, travel date, etc. arbitrarily, this will not improve your chances at the visa interview. The Visa Officer has denied your case because you are not a strong enough applicant, in their opinion. So, when you re-apply, consider how a Visa Officer views your entire case as a whole. Certain elements of your application may have played a role in your denial, but in order to succeed you must look at the totality of your circumstances.

        3. Determine why you were previously denied

  • Understanding why you were previously denied will hugely help you in succeeding at future visa interviews. The last question a Visa Officer asked you is also not necessarily the reason they denied you. The only way to really figure out why you were denied is to get personalized insights on your entire case from an Ex-Visa Officer at Argo.
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