Impact of prior refusals

The truth is that it will affect your future visa applications.

Refusals will always be on your visa record no matter when and where you do your next visa interview. But, a prior refusal does not seal your fate in getting a visa.

  1. When a Visa Officer decides to grant you a visa when seeing a prior refusal, they are actively choosing to overturn the decision of their colleague. Visa Officers should look at each case with a clean slate, but a prior refusal will ultimately inform their understanding of you and your case.
  2. Understand what was the problem with your first interview, and also understand how to demonstrate change from your previous refusal.
  3. This is where Argo comes in. Our Argoffs have so much experience in Visa Interviews, they will quickly be able to understand why you were most likely refused and can help give you your best chance to overcome this refusal.

The best case scenario is to never receive a visa refusal! Of course, that’s easier said than done, but by using Argo before you get a refusal you will be more confident and knowledgeable about the Visa Interview.

At Argo, we have had success helping applicants with previous refusals get their visa issued.

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