How can I pass my visa interview?

The best way to make sure you have done everything you can to pass your visa interview are listed below:

a. Make sure your answers to the Visa Officer are clear, concise, and relevant.  Generally when clients fall into two camps.  The first group of applicants only like to give one word answers.  The second group will say way too much to the Visa Officer.  In reality, neither of these situations are ideal.  When you say too little, you cause the Visa Officer to ask you many questions before getting a concrete answer, which can be very annoying.  In the second camp, the clients will simply say too much (which again will tend to annoy the Visa Officer who has to sort out what’s relevant from what’s irrelevant.)

b. Work with an expert like an ex-Visa Officer from Argo, who will take the time to understand your personal situation, including your education, employment, travel, and family background and come up with a strategy to help you succeed at your visa interview.  They will practice mock interviews with you so you know what types of questions are likely to come up, and give you feedback on your responses.

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