A Visa Revocation Reversed

Since the beginning of time, practitioners in the visa and immigration space fretted about those clients or potential clients they couldn’t help.  

Everyone knows these stories:  a U.S. immigration attorney carefully and diligently files an H or L petition-based paperwork for their client, only to have the consular interview go terribly wrong and sent back to USCIS for revocation; a potential client calls, asking for help – they are a hardworking individual on an F-1 or H-1B visa but they were suddenly notified that their visa has been revoked.  

The attorney sighs and turns the potential client away, because “there’s nothing that can be done.”  Current clients become the bane of an immigration attorney’s existence—they call and call, but the attorney starts avoiding them, because there is little they can do at this point.  Well now, maybe there is another option.  Contact the experts at Argo.  (For those who don’t know, we are the first company in the world made up of former U.S. consular officers who have worked behind the visa window, interviewing tens of thousands of visa applicants.)

The following is a true story in how an Argo consultation helped one client reverse his U.S. visa revocation.  

Recently, I participated in a student visa webinar with a fellow Argo Officer for an educational consulting partner.  On Facebook Live, we spoke to thousands of foreign students who were either in the process of applying for a student visa, or were already studying in the United States.  

During our discussion and to our surprise, an individual spoke up and told the audience his story.  He was a recent client of Argo’s through this partner and wanted to tell everyone about his experience.  

Several months prior, when he was traveling to the United States, he was stopped at the Port of Entry where he found out his F-1 student visa had been revoked.  He was pulled into secondary inspection, where he was interrogated for hours by CBP.  For months after the incident, he told us during the webinar, he could not sleep because he was traumatized by the interrogation.  He faced his upcoming visa interview at the U.S. consulate with trepidation and terror.

It turns out that during his studies in the United States, he was a victim of a scheme concocted by a company who preyed on foreign students and asked for payment for “OPT training”.  He fell for the scheme, before later realizing it was a scam and cut off all ties with the perpetrator company.  (The State Department and CBP, upon investigating the companies behind this deception, blanket revoked the visas of 4,000+ students this year.)  

Then the student found out about Argo and our team of former consular officers during one of my webinars, and signed up for a consultation.  “…[A]nd the actual visa interview at the U.S. Consulate happened exactly the way the Argoff told me it would,” he shared.  Thanks to the work of one skillful Argo Officer, the client went into his visa interview and was able to truthfully and calmly explain to the consular officer exactly what had happened to him.  And he did so in such a way that the consular officer advised him that his visa was approved, and that they would do everything they could to make sure he would have no more problems at the port of entry.

Immigration attorneys and consular officers alike know that reversing a visa revocation is close to impossible in most circumstances.  But for this one client, we have changed his entire future in the United States by helping him prepare for his visa interview.  He can now finish his degree.  He can now use his hard-earned education and skills and pursue job opportunities in the U.S., or back in his home country.  His future is wide open.

This is our mission at Argo for every client, and we are proud to have changed the life of this client.

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