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Our Strength is in our numbers. We speak 14 languages, we have worked in 34 countries and made decisions on 1,000,000+ Visa Decisions


The officers who give consultations on Argo are all ex-Visa Officers of the United States.  
They all served as diplomats in U.S. embassies and consulates around the world, making decisions
on all types of visas.  Each of them has undergone the intensive consular training course at the U.S.
Department of State, and are able to help you plan for your visa interview anywhere in the world.

Our officers aren’t the only ones with a unique value,
meet our experienced leadership team.
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Here's why you should trust Argo compared to everyone else.

The only people present at a U.S. visa interview are the Visa Officer and the person who is applying.
No one else is allowed to be there-- not your immigration attorney, not your visa agent, not your mother.
Everyone on the internet is telling you they know the secret to a successful U.S. visa interview,
but they have never been on the other side of the visa window. Only we know the truth.
And now we are here to give you the advice you need to help you succeed.


Check out some of our awards and certificates
  • Our officers were distinguished
    while serving overseas.
    Many have received awards for their
    service, skills, and efforts abroad.
    View official certificates
  • All of us are ex-visa officers who went through the State Department’s
    General Consular course
    for Consular Officers before being granted our
    consular commissions by the President of the United States.

    This course entails intensive training in all types of visa adjudications, including nonimmigrant visas and immigrant visas.
    Additionally, we aretrained in U.S. nationality regulations for the issuance of U.S. passports and Consular Reports of Birth Abroad of U.S. citizens.
  • Each of the ex-Visa Officers at Argo has interviewed tens of thousands of visa applicants overseas. We understand how visa officers like to be talked to, how they like to acceptdocuments (if at all), and what you need to watch out for. We are subject matter experts on the U.S. visa interview process.
  • We are trained in the languages
    and customs of the countries
    where we served.

    Many of us entered the Foreign Service already proficient in one or more world languages, and the State Department provided us withup to a year of additional training to teach us new languages of the countries where we were assigned to adjudicate visas.
  • Visa officers are always mobile.
    No visa officer spends their entire career in one single embassy or consulate. We spend two to three years working in one location and then weare reassigned
    to another country.

    This ensures that the visa officers have broad experience around the world, and it also ensures that the same standards are more or less being applied around the world.
  • Because of this, an officer who served in China will have a very good understanding of the visa procedures and standards applied in India, although she might not speak thelocal language or understand as much of the local culture.
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