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"I worried a lot about my visa interview before I had a consultation with Argo. During the mock interviews,
the Argo officer brought up questions that I have never thought of, gave me tips to think about how to answer
these questions, and offered solutions for possible problems during the interview.
I appreciate Argo so much and now I have much more confidence in passing my visa interview.  
[Update:  "My visa was approved!  Thank you Argo!"].

-Fran, EB-3, Taiwan


We care about your success at the U.S. Visa Interview.
We have seen far too many people come into the visa interview with misinformation and a lack of good preparation.

Our Ex-Visa Officers
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"Argo helped me tremendously when I was preparing for my adjustment of status interview.  Now my case has been approved and I am waiting for my green card to arrive!"
-Jack, EB-3, S. Korea
“I am finally reunited with my husband after
my K-1 visa was denied and we were forced to refile for a marriage visa.  We could not have done
it without our Argo officer’s help.”
-May, CR-1, China
“My visa situation is complicated and Argo helped me so much.  Each case is different and there are things only former visa officers can help you with.”
-Vihan, F-1, India
“Nobody has talked to me about the visa interview process the way that my Argo officer has. This service is going to spread like wildfire!”
-Sai, H-1B, India
“Today, after two visa refusals, my visa was approved.  Thank you for your excellent team who showed me how to focus on myself and my ties.”
-Miguel, F-1, Dominican Republic
“My Argo officer shared useful tips which I was not aware of.  It was a wonderful experience and gave me peace of mind.  Thank you Argo!”
-Arya, F-1, Thailand
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