General J1 Visa Description

The J1 visa is a temporary non-immigrant visa for exchange programs, internships, and other temporary programs.
These programs include internships, teaching, being an au pair, summer work travel, short term exchange student, and more. 

Common Issues J1 Visa Applicants Have:

Not showing sufficient ties to their home country
Previous refusals
Your “story” doesn’t make sense
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  • The J1 visa is a great visa type for young adults
    (and others) to come to the United States for unique experiences. The issues that a J1 applicant has are similar to those of an F1 student visa applicant. You will have to overcome the presumption of immigrant intent (214b)
    in order to get your visa.
    Also, many times there is a requirement that you reside in your home country for a number of years after completing your J1 program.


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